Thursday, June 27, 2013

Billings Forge Farmers' Market

Once again we had a lovely afternoon at Billings Forge for the weekly Farmers' Market. The morning drizzle and mist transitioned to cloudy and then sunny skies - it got hot and muggy fast! Fortunately, we were buoyed by iced coffee, delicious food from the G-Monkey food truck, and of course Chet's Italian Ice!

Thanks to all our friends and fans who came to listen, stopped by to say hello, or complimented our set list. One new fan said "Your set list is pretty much right out of my iPod!" and another loved our rendition of "Take Me to the River" - with more than a little nod to Annie Lennox's "Medusa" album (although Jude swears by The Commitments version).

Sandy kept busy with a small posse of fans (who got her autograph, requested a reprise of Nancy Sinatra's "Boots", did a bit of impromptu line dancing, and were otherwise charming)

We've got some time off - next up, the Bozrah Farmers' Market on July 12th. 

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