Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays

Poking around the internets with an eye to doing some personal "year end reviews", we stumbled across this memory from our year. Thanks for supporting live music this year! Happy holidays and all good things in 2015!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival

We're thrilled to be back at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival this year. We played last year (a Sunday morning set) but this year, the festival has undergone a musical overhaul, led by local music impresario Chip McCabe. From a recent article in the Hartford Courant:
Bonsai Trees is a band comprised of Glastonbury and South Windsor High Schools, while the Guinea Pigs – a group which happened to play the festival last year—has a drummer who owns Cycling Concepts (sic - Steve, actually owns Bicycles East) in Glastonbury. Johnny Mainstream is a band from Manchester.
The bands will play at three stages, including the Vendor Village stage, the Welcome stage near the main entrance, and at the Harvest Pub (in the festival's beer garden). Each band will play a 30-minute set.
We're excited to be bringing an "all-originals" set to the festival, and thrilled to share the weekend with an amazing group of local bands:  

Friday, October 17 - 6-10pm (music from 6:00 - 9:30 pm)
Bonsai Trees / Hanging Hills / Julia Autumn Ford / KLOKWIZE / Pushing Static / Tracy Walton

Saturday, October 18 - 10 am - 10pm (music from 10 am - 8:30 pm)
1974 / Balkun Brothers / Branchwater / Brandt Taylor Band / Elle Sera / Eurisko / Forgotten by Friday / The Guinea Pigs / The Honeycreepers / James and the Untold Riches / J-Cherry and The Strawberries / Joey Batts & Them / Johnny Mainstream / Little Ugly / Oh, Cassius / Ponybird / Sarah Barrios Music / Sarah LeMieux / The Screw-ups / Seth Adam / Wise Old Moon

Sunday, October 19 - 10 am - 5 pm (music from 10 am - 4:00 pm)
Canyon / The Dress-Ups / Heather Fay Music / I anbassa / Kerri Powers / Meredith Rose / The Meadows Brothers / Mission 0 / Run Jenny / Rusty Things / Them Damn Hamiltons / Tuesday Saints

Hartford HodgePodge Video

We recently stumbled across this video from 2013 - and were delighted to find ourselves spotlighted (starting at the 1:10 mark). We love Hartford HodgePodge, although we were not able to play this year. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Busy Months

We're coming off a busy month, and heading into another.

July saw us playing at Blue Back Square in West Hartford (to a very friendly crowd, courtesy of Jude's West Hartford Yoga connections) and the Band Shell at Manchester Community College (which was a thrill, with lights, a great audio engineer, and an attentive and large crowd). We also snuck in an afternoon at Billings Forge Farmers' Market, where it did not rain.

As we head into the middle of August, we've got another set of fun gigs coming up. 
  •  Blue Back Square (again) - Sunday, Aug 10, 2-4 pm
  • MCC on Main, Manchester - Saturday, Aug 16, 7-9 pm
  • Bozrah Farmers' Market - Friday, Aug 22, 4-7 pm
A little heads up - we've gotten a slot at the new and improved Glastonbury Apple Festival. Chip McCabe is curating the music this year on three stages, and he's asked us for an all original set. We're psyched to be part of the CT Music Scene - and will post details about the date and time as available.

Come on out for a little Guinea Pig love!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Songs, New Videos

At our recent MCC on Main gig, we retained the services of videographer Andy Dauphinais (yes, he's related to our drummer Steve) to record our sets. Andy did a great job (despite some rather video unfriendly lighting), and in the ensuing days Dan has been working tirelessly to match the video to a digital recording we made of the show, and edit things down a bit. Here are a few of the newer songs.

Sandy and Dan collaborated on a couple of new songs over the winter - this one is "Guys Like You" and is a rolling blues number.

"Little Pictures" is a bit older, and it's starting to gel - this is a quieter, more introspective version than you may have heard at farmer's markets and festivals.

We've just set up a new Videos page on our site - so check all of the new videos out!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hartford Road Cafe Gig Cancelled

It's out of our control, but our gig this Friday (4/18) opening for 41 Prospect at Hartford Road Cafe has been cancelled. We're booking other gigs though, so stay tuned for more Guinea Pigs fun!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Come on, Winter! Move it out!

We're all a little tired of snow, ice, and cold. But signs of spring are in the air! And that means we Guinea Pigs come out to play!

We've got a handful of spring and summer gigs scheduled already, and we'll be booking more throughout the season. We're just happy to be spending some time together rehearsing, and Sandy & Dan have been busy writing, so expect some new Guinea Pig originals the next time you see us!