Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Songs, New Videos

At our recent MCC on Main gig, we retained the services of videographer Andy Dauphinais (yes, he's related to our drummer Steve) to record our sets. Andy did a great job (despite some rather video unfriendly lighting), and in the ensuing days Dan has been working tirelessly to match the video to a digital recording we made of the show, and edit things down a bit. Here are a few of the newer songs.

Sandy and Dan collaborated on a couple of new songs over the winter - this one is "Guys Like You" and is a rolling blues number.

"Little Pictures" is a bit older, and it's starting to gel - this is a quieter, more introspective version than you may have heard at farmer's markets and festivals.

We've just set up a new Videos page on our site - so check all of the new videos out!

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