Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Band Update

We normally take a bit of a hiatus over the winter; the sort of gigs we play (farmer's markets, festivals, fairs, picnics) are hard to come by and we all retreat into our shells and lives a bit with the holidays and darker days. We're on the cusp of spring, however. We're looking forward to warmer and longer days, and more opportunities to get out and play.

At a band meeting this past fall, we collectively decided that we needed to back off a bit in terms of band volume (tinnitus is real, folks) - playing and practicing with a full drum kit, and the need to amplify other instruments to match, was adding to hearing issues for some of us. And although Steve is adept with both a full drum kit as well as other forms of percussion (e.g. - a cajon), he's a kit drummer at heart and wants to be making music with the full drum kit.

So we've decided to step back a bit and return to our trio roots: Sandy on vocals, Dan on guitar, and Jude on bass, and dusting off our acoustic instruments and chops. We hope to have some opportunities to fold Steve into the mix from time to time, but we'll be playing more acoustically this year. While we will miss Steve musically and having the opportunity to hang with him at rehearsals, the ringing in ears will hopefully abate over time.

We've been reworking our catalog for more stripped down arrangements, adding some tunes, and have gigs planned this spring and summer with more to come. 

Change is never easy; we all love the fuller arrangements and energy that playing with Steve has made possible over the years.  However, we're also hoping that a stripped down ensemble will permit us to play more short sets, open mikes, coffeehouses, and other venues where a full band might not work.

Happy Spring, folks. One more nor'easter on the horizon and then we hope the weather turns and we can start our spring / summer / fall gig schedule for real!

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